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"Coach Yoseph" received a strong Uzbek sheet, "Tao" hope "Jane Battle" shot to unlock the pressure.

"Coach Ying" Worawut Sri Maha, head coach of the Thai national team, Uzbekistan, every position tough. I do not open the UFABET game to get tight and then take a chance to counter a fast attack on the Tannisit Siripalai wing to good hope Jane Battle for good team striker will shoot the door to confidence. In the final match of the Asian Games on August 19.

August 17 at 18:00 at Padjajaran Stadium in Bogor, Indonesia. Thai men's football team Asian Games down practice after the game is always with Bangladesh 1-1.

The training focuses on relaxing the muscles and maintaining a healthy body. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete this day Suriya Sing Mueang left can be injured. Have a training session with your teammates.

After the training, "Coach Ying" Worawut Sriraman, the trainer, said: "I believe Uzbekistan will not change the team. After the game is 3-4 days if the main long. Will affect his team. The plan to deal with Uzbekistan first half, we do not lose the door. If we play sticky The opportunity to strike back, we have already attacked him. Is it possible to score goals?

"The opening game against a high standard team like Uzbekistan. It is difficult for the front side of Supachai Dee doing good work. There is a real chance. I need to chew the food again. I need to pick the most players on the field. The first set may use a single striker. To compete with competitors in the middle. After seeing matches Uzbekistan beat Qatar 6-0 to admit that he is tough every position really.

"The sound of criticism. After the game, always Bangladesh. I accept the criticism. I understand the fans. Everything is down to me. Because I am the leader. A man chooses a kicker. The children are the future of the nation, young yet individual. Get it already. Anywhere I apologize for the previous appointment. The face will make the best "

"Sia," Vorapoj Setthat, the team's advisor, said. The Football Association has provided it, but it is not appropriate to disclose it. While the sound of criticism. Tell the player that the key is confidence. I'm sure the whole team is convinced that the fight. "

"Tao Diana" Thana Sansiri, the Thai team, said that after the game, "J" Chanathip Songkasin star kick. Encourage through social networks. And warned that everyone dare to play a decisive part of the fan criticism of the form does not invariably. Because of meditation. We kicked each other day Time in the field, sometimes tired. May decide to miss some strokes. The fans commented "

"The game came out Uzbek. I do not focus on scoring goals. I want to win, but I personally want Jane to fight more than I know Jane Battle is good, he just lacked confidence. "

For the next appointment to the national team. The final round of the group meet Uzbekistan on August 19 at 7:00 pm at the pitch. Live on Channel 23