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"LaLigaInThailand" to watch the world's smallest star table on August 30.

La Liga and LNFS in Spain. Futsal special match between Barca Lassa and the world star team. First in Thailand through activities. #LaLigaInThailand Thursday, August 30, at the Stadium of Day.

LaLiga in Thailand with LNFS (National Futsal League) or the Spanish league. Bring football experience from Spain. The best league in the world And fans in 182 countries. To the Thai fans have been in close contact.

With special events #LaLigaInThailand The opportunity to fans. And Thai futsal has hit the shoulder closer to. The world's top futsal. Strong club Barca Lassa to fight for the 2018 World Futsal Championship or "World Intercontinental Futsal Cup 2018" in Thailand at this time.

There are also special matches that will give fans the chance to watch the latest top-flight players, led by Sergio Rossano, captain of Barca Lassa and Team members Carlos Wagner duel with the team led by 2 Star Dan Krisada Wongkee Captain Chonburi Blue Wave and Supawoot play in the middle of the Thai Futsal Wizard. With Vulcania and 2 players Carlos Barbosa on a David La Rochelle defender FC captain of the Port Authority commissioned the referee in this game special.

For activities #LaLigaInThailand It is part of the campaign "It's not football. It's LaLiga" of La Liga that aims to make the dream of football fans around the world to be true. Make a smile to the youth. The value of the beautiful football game. In addition to joining the LNFS or the Spanish league. In support of the futsal industry, including 64 of the Spanish sports federations under the La Liga For Sport

The La Liga4Sports project is a La Liga initiative to assist the 64 sports federations in Spain. And the Spanish Paralympic Committee. Focusing on the value of teamwork, dedication, leadership, transparency, reliability, integrity, responsibility and respect, La Liga is committed to helping other sports. With the athletes Through the federation, respectively. Which is why La Liga sponsors the Spanish Futsal ufabet League


Panic! Pennant joined the army of gold city crushed shank BG.

SCG Golden City is now the founding of the Penmen Pennant past Liverpool, responding to Jay Chou's invitation to play the game with the Bangkok Metropolis Saturday. I am excited to meet the atmosphere in Thailand.The former player of the "Reds" Liverpool meet the pennants create a big surprise to the Thai football team behind the answer to the invitation of "Jay Bo" Jay Chou, striker A. As a close friend, as well as being an agent, SCG has made a special appearance for SCG Golden Jubilee in the game of Paralympic Games. The third time, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn "HEROES FOR HEROES" met with Bangkok Glass FC at SCG Stadium on Saturday 20 September at 18.00 hrs. .About this issue, the "Big Kan" Kan. Chiratorn, the manager of the association, has been on hand to pick up the red-handed wings at around 15.00 hrs today at Suvarnabhumi Airport, behind him, arriving in Thailand with Thai Airways International. Flight 917 is from London, England. Revealed"The club was honored by the top player, Penne Pennant, to come to the meeting with this merit, which provided that he responded to the invitation of a close friend, Jay Boyd. This is the same person that Pennant will travel to Thailand tonight, as well as practice with our group in the immediate future, they will be interested in the ball. I want to join the atmosphere, I hope to receive good reception from the Thai fans in this ufabet game. Founder Pennant started as a youth player of Arsenal before making his name for playing for Birmingham in the 2005-2006 season and was transferred to the Giants. Liverpool's 2006 season was played at Anfield until the 2009 season, when the current season was traded to Wolves, Hogston, Walsall